What is 3PL?

Third-party logistics, abbreviated 3PL, means that a third party takes care of logistics activities between goods owners and recipients. Above all, deliveries, storage, inventory management and distribution to customers can be examples of activities that include third-party logistics.

Why 3PL?

The emergence of e-commerce and rapid growth have placed great demands on logistics and the entire supply chain. Above all, this increase has meant increased pressure on deliveries to be efficient and fast, both nationally and internationally.

Managing the logistics chain alone in a growing e-commerce requires both time and resources for you. In addition, the increased delivery volumes mean that you have to prioritize work tasks, which in turn means that your time is minimized to instead let your company grow. Therefore, by letting a player take care of your third-party logistics, you can focus on your core business.

4 benefits of 3PL

  • Cost effective
    You only pay for the storage space and the logistics planning that you use. In addition, your 3PL player helps you take advantage of competitive delivery agreements and prices.
  • Flexible solutions
    As your business grows, your 3PL player adapts solutions to your needs for both space and services.
  • Ready for high pressure
    Let’s say you are heading for the holidays, which also means increased deliveries. Above all, it means that you feel an increased stress with the knowledge that you will have difficulty keeping up. What is safer than knowing that your 3PL player is ready and knows what it takes for deliveries to arrive on time?
  • Time efficient
    By letting a 3PL player handle the logistics, you can devote yourself to your core business. So, the solution will be time efficient for you.
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