Totalpack – e-retailer’s best friend™

e-logistik business model Totalpack™ – the e-commerce retailer’s best friend has emerged from frustrated e-retailers who have not understood the quotes and contracts used in warehousing and logistics. As an e-commerce retailer, you are really only interested in one thing:

“How much does it cost Me if a customer buys product X in the store?”

With an eye on this cost, you as an e-retailer can then easily decide which shipping price should be in the online store.

e-logistik takes care of your goods from the time they arrive at our warehouse, until your customer has placed an order and e-logistik then has sent your goods to your customer! All this at the same time as you don’t have to do anything. It’s smooth, isn’t it?

e-logistik also uses an inventory management system called Ongoing Warehouse System. Ongoing allows you to keep track of your inventory, even though you are nowhere near it, see which orders are placed, which packages have been shipped and how much of your goods are left in stock. You can control your inventory from home just by pressing the button on your computer.

Totalpack™ means fixed pricing on everything related to a purchase on the online store. e-logistik analyzes the e-retailer’s range and categorizes it into 3-5 different price categories that each have a fixed price including everything (picking & packing, shipping, address documents and SMS notification). At the end of the month, sales are billed according to these categories, which makes it easy to see how much you sold and what it has cost.

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Our services

  • Inventory management, picking & packing, distribution and return management of products for e-retailers
  • Inventory management systems (Ongoing) for e.g. stock levels and tracking of goods..
  • Case management to handle any deviations.
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